Quick reviews of books
and other helpful media

Estate Planning for the Healthy, Wealthy Family (Carla B. Garrity, Mitchell A. Baris, & Stanley D. Neeleman; 2003. 256 pages.) Provides an excellent overview to non-professionals of the many considerations that come to a family with wealth. Written by a lawyer and two psychologists; covers a wide range of topics like insurance, inheritance, philanthropy, and types and uses of trusts. Doesn’t go terribly deep on technicalities, but moves along briskly, offering thoughtful discussions on managing wealth to reflect your family’s and your personal values. A bit dated (2003); numbers have changed, but concepts still all applicable. Good sample documents in the appendix. Audible version is dry, but at least the pronunciations are correct.

Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family; How Family Members and Their Advisers Preserve Human, Intellectual and Financial Assets for Generations (James E. Hughes; 2004. 240 pages) Mr. Hughes is on a crusade to save the business and implementation of family trusts from itself. A longtime attorney and trust practitioner, he presents a set of firm beliefs and sternly-delivered guidelines to improve the experience and results of trust creators, managers, and recipients. A bit dry and lecture-y in the delivery, yet full of wisdom and perspective on how every aspect of having and using trusts within a family can and should be improved. Drinking game: every time the author mentions Socrates. Audible version (7.6 hours) equally dry, yet authoritative and full of beneficial info.

Many more resource suggestions and reviews in the works!

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