About Us!

TrustFundChat is dedicated to helping you understand more about trusts: the good, the bad, and, yes, sometimes the ugly.  We feel that trusts can be a powerful and useful tool.  They can also be profoundly complex and, too often, utterly incomprehensible.

We are not lawyers (which we happen to think is a good thing).  We still remember how real people talk, and we are working here to translate legal mumbo-jumbo (and what language is THAT?) into plain, everyday English.   Our very first article, So, What IS a Trust, Really?, begins at the very beginning and works to set a clear and friendly tone that, we hope, carries throughout the entirety of this ever-growing website.

Your primary scribe for these adventures in legal translation is Lou Stemmler, MBA, who admits to working with and for attorneys in various capacities for over twenty years.  Lou grew up with attorneys as close relatives, and his family has made use of various trusts and estate planning tools through the years.  Rather than intimidating and constrictive, Lou believes that trusts can and should be protective and empowering, and he is determined to help more people understand what trusts can and can’t do for them and the ones they love.

Again, we are not attorneys here, and we can’t give advice for your particular situation.  What we CAN do is burst the protective bubble around the pin-stripe world of spendthrift clauses and Latin terminology to help you know what’s REALLY going on in family matters, charitable gifting plans, and family business transitions, so that you can proceed with confidence and understanding in dealing with attorneys, trust officers, and your own family members.

We’re still working on setting up this website, but we encourage you to follow us on Twitter: @TrustFundChat